The Causes for the Decline of the Muslim Ummah and Its Remedy, In The Light Of the Holy Quran and Hadith.


  • Dr. Nisar Akhtar, Dr. Muhammad Shujaat Saleem


Muslims themselves were responsible for the decline of the Muslim Ummah, the fragility of such a distinctive civilization that first emerged in the early 13th to 15th centuries. This decline can be attributed to a variety of factors, including division within the Ummah, moral decadence, a decline in intellectual and scientific activity, and a loss of dynamism in Islam. There are many reasons for the downfall of Muslims but a few of the major is One of the main reasons for the decline of the Muslim Ummah is the manipulation or interpretation of Quranic verses because the Muslim Ummah is now so busy with their jobs that they don't have time to open the Quran or Tafseer on their own so they could look or read the Quran by themselves and understand it. The second most likely cause of the Muslim Ummah's demise is brotherhood. In the Muslim Ummah, a brotherhood is defined as a group of people who are not related by blood, geographically, or even politically. It is a heart and Iman relationship. The fall of the Muslim Ummah has begun if corruption has risen in the Muslim world because it is one of the main reasons for this decline. The Muslim Ummah fell apart as soon as they started acting dishonestly.The extent to which vulgarity has become accepted inside the Ummah is astonishing. It is also surprising to see that Muslims are accepting LGBTQ people by saying that they are also humans, humanity comes first, and every person has a right to life no, this should not be normalized this is the same reason why the people Hazrat Lut was sent among were punished because instead of seeking pleasure in women, they used to seek pleasure in the men, and those people were punished. Another reason for this could be Western influence or western cultural influence on us.  These things are still necessary for humanity today if we pay attentive attention. Though knowledge has advanced humanity today, it has only done so in a single field. The natural sciences, which deal with the materialistic side of life, have seen advancements made by humanity. However, people must study spiritual lessons that extend their perspectives on the origins of creation and monotheism and direct their hearts toward the meaning for which they were formed. Islam makes a universal appeal for knowledge acquisition. The importance of morality, moral purity, and spiritual purity now transcends this. Humanity's issues are the result of ignoring the moral purity issue.




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