Islamic Tendencies in the Poetry of Ghazi al-Jamal (A Research Review)

غازی الجمل کی شاعری میں اسلامی رجحان( تحقیقی جائزہ)


  • Dr. Lubna Farah, Muhammad Khurram Shahzad


This paper illuminates the Islamic essence present in the poetry of Jordanian poet Ghazi Al-Jamal, showcasing how it enhances the beauty, elegance, and sincerity of passion within his works. It delves into various elements, including an introduction, Ghazi Al-Jamal's sources of Islamic inspiration in his poetry (drawing from the Glorious Qur’an, the Sunnah of the Prophet, and Islamic history), the thematic exploration of Islamic motifs in Al-Jamal's poetry, and a concluding reflection. The significance of this research lies in its exploration of an aspect of Ghazi Al-Jamal's poetry previously overlooked by scholars, demonstrating that the Islamic essence within his verses not only exists but also represents a distinct Islamic literary trend. The study reveals that the poet addresses the imperative of correct belief, seeks to inspire societal change, confronts various forms of injustice, and responds to proponents of Westernization. Additionally, Al-Jamal tackles social and political issues, articulating the struggles, concerns, and grievances of his people while vehemently opposing injustice and tyranny. Through his poetry, he advocates for his people and country, fostering a spirit of resistance rooted in a genuine Islamic worldview driven by love for Islam. This study employs a descriptive analytical approach to meticulously examine the interplay between Islamic themes and poetic expression within Ghazi Al-Jamal's body of work.




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