A Speaking skills in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers (Descriptive Study)

مهارة المحادثة في تدريس اللغة القرآن للناطقين بغيرها (دراسة وصفية)


  • Dr Sumaira Sagheer Ahmed teacher


enhancing speaking skills, vocabulary development, conversation is the source of social interactions


Language is considered as the tool of connection between people of the society, and it is one of the important elements in the lines of human beings. And the Arabic language is one of the very important languages in the world. And native speakers have to do great efforts to get the full acquaintance of this language. And to important their proficiency of its basic rules. And conversation deemed to be the very basic starting step in teaching Arabic language to non – native speakers to teach them some basic sentences which we use in our daily life, before getting them involved in actual practice of other learning skills like listening, reading, and writing in globally defined as types of linguistics activities for all, and for writing its use in language, teaching is less then all, above mentioned activities. there are some specific aspects selected from daily routine of human to make the student proficient in daily conversations and talks by step and step guidance, and for central objective of conversation it is set to enhance the speaking skill and evaluation of attended knowledge of the students and also to develop his vocabulary, to the extent that he can skillfully utilize it through the talking and confidentially with others. And also the conversation is the source of social interactions which makes the student capable of reformation of the society by bilateral communication.


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