Creativity & Innovation in Teaching Arabic Language

الإبداع والابتكار في تدريس اللغة العربية


  • Maliha Adnan, Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Farooq


This research throws light on the importance of creativity in acquisition of a new language and the practical ways through which it may be implemented so that language teachers can opt them with ease. This is an era of technology. Modern techniques are replacing ancient ones. Changes are taking place all around us, either they are gradual or drastic. Teachers should adopt latest trends and techniques, in order to cope with the modern world. Creativity may be used to improve and broaden teaching styles. If the teachers use a diversity of teaching methods and strategies and adopt innovative means, learning will be more active. Similarly, they should teach course books with innovative activities so that this blend would make the learning dynamic. Using innovative methodologies will lead to a smooth way to learn the language and students become active and enthusiastic. Classrooms should be updated, curriculum should be modernized and teachers should strive to advance in language teaching. In order to be an effective teacher, they need to integrate different learning methods. Traditional methods cannot set aside at any stage, but including some stimulating teaching methodologies will make students motivated. Interesting teaching materials, innovative ideas may be used. Language may be easily learn only through practice. Learners should tryout by communicating with each other and they should be given chance to reproduce in the new language so, that their errors may be prune.




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