Allama Aini's Explanations & Approach in the "Days of Ignorance" of Sirat Tayyaba

توضیح العلامۃ العینی فی الباب الجاھلی من السیرۃ النبویۃﷺ فی عمدۃ القاری


  • Dr. Muhammad Waseem Mukhtar


In the universe, Ashraf al-Makhluqat [man] has been given a complete plan of action to live on earth. Rules and regulations for the life of humanity have been set, which must be followed. Due to time and circumstances, humanity began to drift away from its goal, so Allah Ta'ala advised them to turn to Allah through His chosen persons. Even before the arrival of the Holy Prophet, the Arabs and the whole world were living in disobedience. The worship of idols, worship of fire, myths of polytheism had become an integral part of the ideology. Evils were common in the society, alcohol, gambling, fraud, deceit, immorality and immorality were not considered bad. The Arabs used to change the months, i.e. dates, for their benefit. Different classes were treated like women, slaves etc. In the Arab society, the birth of a girl child was considered blasphemy. After the Baath of the Prophet, especially the Arab people and in general, the humanity of the whole world was exhorted to worship the Lord of the Universe and humanity was taught the pure monotheism. The worship of idols, the worship of fire and the avoidance of polytheism were ordered and each class was given their rights where they were also made aware of their responsibilities. In Sahih Bukhari's famous Sharh Umdat al-Qari, in the sub-section of Sirat Tayyaba, the style of explaining the important events of Jahiliyyah era will be found. Allama Aini's style and method of narrating the events, sources, benefits and results will be mentioned.




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