Madrassa Education System and Political Socialization in Pakistan

  • Fauzia Ghani, Bushra Ghani GC University,Lahore
Keywords: Key Words: Madrassa Education System, Political Socialization, Religious Sects, Religious Extremism


Madrassa system in Pakistan is providing an alternative mean to education. In Pakistan, different education systems are involved in developing different kinds of social and political beliefs. The most influential of which is madrassa system that is directly affecting the process of political socialization. Being an Islamic state, this system was given much importance after the independence of Pakistan. Islamization policy made religious education more significant. At that time, religious extremism was also increasing in the country. After 9/11 and Enlightenment policy, madrassa system became a controversial system in the world and in Pakistan as well. People now perceive madrassa system as a place of spreading terrorism and extremism. Though, not all the madrassa in Pakistan are involved in extremist militant activities. Most of the madrassas are spreading peace and harmony in the society. This research aims at to analyze the perception of people about madrassa on local and global level. And the most important point is analyzing the impact of madrassa education on its students. But the question arises how does madrassa education is involved in spreading extremism and effecting the social and political beliefs of every individual in the society. The nature of research methodology is qualitative and research design used is content analysis. In this research, the relationship between madrassa education and political socialization is developed where it is directly and indirectly influencing each other and the public specifically. Though, result shows that people still think of Madrassa system as a negative system but now studies show that there are some good and peace loving madrassa as well. But since the religious political parties are affiliated with madrassas, the social and political beliefs are also shaped according to the policies made by religious leaders and Ulma’s showing that religion effects society and politics to a great extent.


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