Definition of Fatwa, its Importance and Legitimacy

الفتوى تعريفها وأهميتها ومشروعيتها

  • Khisr Ul Mulk Siddiqi, Asadullah Islamic International University Islamabad


Abstract Fatwa is required in Shariah because people need it for knowing religious actions, to follow these actions it depends on trueness of Fatwa, the need of Fatwa to people cannot be ignored keeping in view of its need in Human societies and communities while the texts of Shariah are limited and confined cannot relate to all incidents and accidents so the need of Fatwa is like the basic need of Human, while Allah Almighty has said: So ask the people having knowledge if you do not know. (Surah Al-Nahl 43). So Mufti is like star who guides people, hence it is required for a person who wants to become a Mufti having qualities and attributes which is required for Fatwa and to learn rules and regulations, and it is very critical due to the actions and works of people on it, while Fatwa has a great importance in Human societies and especially in modern era due to new and modern issues which cannot be solved except Fatwa so it is necessary for a Mufti to be familiar with Fatwa and the difference between Fatwa and Judgment, due to these factors, I will try to discuss this issue in this article.

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